This is the place where I try stuff out. Going for a sort of old school homepage thing here. I build fancy stuff at work all day so this will be a nice change of pace.

The current trial is to see if it's possible to build a site using Emacs org mode that doesn't look like garbage. Not that this will be extraordinarily beautiful, and no offense to those who have already done this and have super awesome looking sites, surely there must be one. Anyway, I do everything else in org mode so why not a site as well. I'm sort of half way documenting my attempts at getting a nice easy setup using org mode on the current site setup page.

I'm going to try to stay away from a total blog style layout/navigation too. I'm sure I will eventually end up with some sort of chronological browsing feature or whatever, but I hope for it not to end up the only way.

Side projects

I also want to be more honest and public about side projects here in the hope it might actually motivate me to finish some of them if I'm doing it more publicly. I probably have 50 projects in various stages of completion.

On another note, it feels sort of fun and nostalgic managing a site like this, with everything static. Up next, under construction gif and starry background.


This is a list of stuff I want to do or have recently finished.

DONE get this site online

Hey, guess this ones done, eh? A few details are here.

TODO finish papi thing

I've been half way playing around with the idea of making a personal api thing (PAPI, get it??) I hacked on it a couple of times but would like to wrap it up. It's pretty much there really (oh how many times that phrase is uttered right?) but needs documentation and some more service modules.